Performance Modeling

Performance modeling helps you evaluate your design decisions against your objectives early on,before committing time and resources. Invalid design assumptions and poor design practices may mean that your application can never achieve its performance objectives. The performance modeling process model presented in this guide is summarized in Figure.

Eight-step performance modeling process

Eight-step performance modeling process

The performance modeling process consists of the following steps:
1. Identify key scenarios. Identify those scenarios in which performance is important and the ones that pose the most risk to your performance objectives.
2. Identify workloads. Identify how many users, and how many concurrent users, your system needs to support.
3. Identify performance objectives. Define performance objectives for each of your key scenarios. Performance objectives reflect business requirements.
4. Identify budget. Identify your budget or constraints. This includes the maximum execution time in which an operation must be completed and resource utilization such as CPU, memory, disk I/O, and network I/O constraints.
5. Identify processing steps. Break your scenarios down into component processing steps.
6. Allocate budget. Spread your budget determined in Step 4 across your processing steps determined in Step 5 to meet the performance objectives you defined in Step 3.
7. Evaluate. Evaluate your design against objectives and budget. You may need to modify design or spread your response time and resource utilization budget differently to meet your performance objectives.
8. Validate. Validate your model and estimates. This is an ongoing activity and includes prototyping, testing, and measuring.


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