Using LINQ to remove elements from a List

Well, it would be easier to exclude them in the first place:

authorsList = authorsList.Where(x => x.FirstName != "Bob").ToList();

However, that would just change the value of authorsList instead of removing the authors from the previous collection. Alternatively, you can use RemoveAll:

authorsList.RemoveAll(x => x.FirstName == "Bob");

If you really need to do it based on another collection, I’d use a HashSet, RemoveAll and Contains:

var setToRemove = new HashSet<Author>(authors);
authorsList.RemoveAll(x => setToRemove.Contains(x));

How to convert DataTable to class Object

Initialize DataTable:

DataTable dt = new DataTable(); 
dt.Columns.Add("id", typeof(String)); 
dt.Columns.Add("name", typeof(String)); 
for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
    string index = i.ToString();
    dt.Rows.Add(new object[] { index, "name" + index });

Query itself:

IList<Class1> items = dt.AsEnumerable().Select(row => 
    new Class1
            id = row.Field<string>("id"),
            name = row.Field<string>("name")



GROUP BY to combine/concat a column

Given the  table as follow:

ID  User  Activity  PageURL  
 1  Me    act1      ab     
 2  Me    act1      cd     
 3  You   act2      xy     
 4  You   act2      st

I want to group by User and Activity such that I end up with something like:

User  Activity  PageURL  
Me    act1      ab, cd     
You   act2      xy, st
     [User], Activity,
         (SELECT DISTINCT ',' + PageURL
          FROM TableName
          WHERE [User] = a.[User] AND Activity = a.Activity
          FOR XML PATH (''))
          , 1, 1, '')  AS URLList
FROM TableName AS a
GROUP BY [User], Activity