Selecting, Grouping on child list -> Single statement requested

This gets you a list of objects, each containing one item and a distinct list of customers who bought it:

var items =
   .SelectMany(c => c.Orders.SelectMany(
      o => o.Items.Select(i => new { item = i, customer = c })
   .GroupBy(o => o.item.ItemCode)
   .Select(g => new {
      item = g.First().item,
      customers = g.Select(o => o.customer).Distinct()

Test data:

Customer[] customers = {
   new Customer("John Doe", new Order("A", "B")),
   new Customer("Jane Doe", new Order("B", "C", "D"), new Order("B", "D")),
   new Customer("Ford Prefect", new Order("D"), new Order("A", "E"))


A: John Doe, Ford Prefect
B: John Doe, Jane Doe
C: Jane Doe
D: Jane Doe, Ford Prefect
E: Ford Prefect

source :


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