“Nativul Balanta este sarmant, sociabil, bun diplomat; accepta compromisurile si poate fi indecis. Nativul din Balanta are nevoie de ceilalti pentru a se desfasura. Caracterul lui iubitor si armonios este controlat de ratiune. Este inimos, diplomat înnascut si stapâneste arta de a se purta cu ceilalti.”

(sursa http://www.horoscop.rodirector.com/)

Libra is the only zodiac symbol that’s neither animal nor human — but surely that doesn’t make you any less human. In fact, Libra is among the most sociable of the signs. As scales of old were really “balances,” so to do you seek balance in all that Libra does. You respond to situations with grace as Libra attempts to put others at ease. Artistically, Libra tries to balance form, content, colors and elements, and for this reason can be drawn toward creative endeavors. (http://horoscopes.aol.com/astrology/zodiac-central/libra )


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